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WordPress vs Other CMS – Why is WordPress so Popular

WordPress is an Open-Source CMS that has all those features that make your website great, WordPress vs other CMS. I often receive this question from students. Madam, “why you prefer WordPress to other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc.?”

Whenever we want to start a website or give a project to someone to create a website for us on freelancing sites, then the first thing in our mind is ‘can I create my own later?’. For this, we start to learn from YouTube videos that may create a problem which video is more suitable and which is not. (Must read the comments to have a review about a particular video)

There are several reasons that I prefer WordPress to other CMS platforms. Let’s start understanding how WP is a better choice than other CMS.

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wordpress vs other cms

WordPress Using More

This is not a wonder that big marketers and bloggers are a part of WordPress CMS. This encourages WP team to create more useful and reliable options even for new users. Download WordPress CMS

How many websites are on WordPress 2022?

More than 45 million websites worldwide are on WordPress. It’s a big bash.

More than 40+ million sites are on WordPress, more than 3 million websites are using Joomla and over 1 million websites are on Drupal CMS. From the above statistics, we can easily conclude that WordPress has more market share worldwide than any other CMS. The future of this CMS is brighter than any other CMS because its share has increased in a running year by more than 3%.


Easy to use means recommended for beginners. Experts already have enough knowledge to deal with problem-solving using strategical and technical skills. WordPress isn’t a headless cms but an open source publishing front-end tool to create a website quite easily. 

Which is user-friendly CMS?

WordPress is the easiest CMS to be used by all types of websites.

The names that WordPress uses for its functions are easy, understanding, and used on a daily basis like the dashboard used in cars. Beginners can use WordPress with full ease. You just need to create an account on WordPress.Com and a free and easy-to-use platform will be before you. You can create a post, a page, a menu, and a lot of fun with plugins.

Fully Customizable

Customizable gifts make us happy, it is obvious for WP, which is fully customizable due to a bulk of plugins that assist you to create what is your demand.

What is the mostly used CMS?

WordPress is the mostly used content management system because it covers more than 45% active websites.WordPress development services enable them to be #1.

WordPress is a highly customizable CMS means you can install which theme is suited to you either premium or free. You can customize the homepage and any other page using thousands of effective plugins. You can decide where to put the menu, posts, and sidebars. WP customizer gives you a code-free way to alter theme options. WordPress time to time updates has created more space for its users to create posts, pages, even landing pages. When compare with other CMS, I conclude that WordPress CMS is fully allowing users, especially non-developers to customize each part with a user-friendly interface.

Security Matters

Security means not only your admin information but all the data of yours and of-course users too. The content you shared must be on a secure platform.

Which is the secure CMS?

WordPress more usability is the assuring answer that it is the secure one. If not, then why big bashes used it.

No doubt, when using a CMS especially online, the security concerns. But when I found that which is a high-profile website, using WordPress then my security concerns were clear about WordPress. All CMS are giving equal opportunity to users to install add-ons or plugins to secure their websites. It is highly recommended to all readers please check the reviews of plugins before installing because this third-party software may cause serious security issues. Astra, WordPress VIP is assisting you to enhance security measures in your WP sites.

Extensible & Cheap

To have a full fledge control that must be free too, then you choose WP because it gives you opportunity to create a Free website with extension. Create Free Website

Which CMS has extended options?

There are thousands of developers, earning their livelihood from plugins developed under WordPress CMS which proves its extension.

WordPress is highly extensible with thousands of user-friendly and responsive themes and plugins that help you to extend your website easily using customizable features. You can use these plugins and themes mostly free of cost and can get free help from developers. Due to the huge community, you can enhance development work cheaply. Other CMS don’t have such a huge opportunity to extend websites.

Blogging to Multi-functionality

Blogger is a best option to publish content but when you want to create a website with full feature control then WordPress is awesome.

Create ecommerce website using WP 2022

Is WordPress easier than HTML?

WordPress gives more customization options than HTML with thousands of plugins which need no more cost to pay to developers.

WordPress has started its journey in 2003 as a blogging CMS but as time passed and the need for different CMS arises, WP never remains back. Now users can create any type of website on WP CMS like blogging, eCommerce, social network, Affiliate, forum, etc. For all types, WP has a diversity of functions according to your desire. Other CMS have a single approach but diversity in functionality.


When we say more than half of  websites are on WP, it means people around the world with different languages are using it.

What is WPML multilingual CMS?

WordPress plugin WPML enables it to create a website in any language.

Download WPML

About all CMS are multi-lingual as Joomla in itself provides multi-lingual support but WP is in no way outdated for this because a user can install a third-party plugin to have a multi-language approach.


WPTrains is suggesting WordPress because it is mostly used for web development. It is like customize jewelry that gives you control to create things according to your requirements given by client or by you. 

Ecommerce is rapidly spreading and become the need of the hour, and WP is a favorable option for this.

Download Best WP Ecommerce themes 2022

If we talk about quality, then all CMS have their standards to maintain quality to ensure users a reliable environment to create their websites. But if we talk about the usage, then WordPress is above all in all concerns. There are many options to achieve accurate and finest results by using third-party software. As Joomla is the securest CMS, but WordPress and any other CMS are also secure. WordPress is used more than any other CMS, that’s why the vulnerability affects much in number only.

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