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WordPress SSL – Get Free SSL Certificate

Websites with no WordPress SSL certificates are considered not secure according to Google criteria. When a user reaches your non-secure website, then how can he stay there?

WordPress SSL Free Certificate

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that is developed into a Transport Layer Security (TLS) that gives privacy to internet communications between server and server or between server and client.

What is an SSL certificate?

 SSL certificate allows your website to move to HTTPS from HTTP. Here, HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. An SSL certificate is a file hosted on a server of a website. A public key is established for the user device that is trying to communicate with the server. But the private key remains secure.

Why do websites need an SSL certificate?

Websites require an SSL certificate to prevent attacks and to get user trust. The certificate is needed for:

  1. HTTPS
  2. Verification of Server
  3. Prevent unauthorized access

How does SSL work?

When internet users come to your website, then in no minute, an SSL certificate describes the connection security to the website. There is a secure connection badge (closed lock button) besides the URL of a website.

  1. When a user enters the URL of a website like then the web browser like Google, Firefox, etc. requests the server to identify the security.
  2. The server then sends a copy of the SSL certificate to prove its security.
  3. Now the browser checks the SSL certificate. If a certificate is trustful then it sends a message to the server, but if not then an open lock appears which means no secure connection.
  4. When the browser sends a message to trust the certificate, then the server establishes a digitally signed acknowledgment to start the session.
  5. Now the data is shared between the server and the browser.

Is it possible to get a free SSL certificate?

Yes, there are many websites which are offered FREE SSL Certificates for many years. You need to sign up for the website, and you get a required SSL certificate file.

Websites offering FREE SSL Certificate are:

Let’s Encrypt

It offers a free SSL certificate for three months, and you need to renew again for free after every three months.


This company offers free SSL/TSL encryption since September 2014 and is owned to be the first company to do so.

SSL For Free

Similar to Let’s Encrypt, this company also offers a free certificate for three months and you need to renew again after every three months.

Basic SSL

It offers a free SSL certificate focusing on different aspects of your website in free 90-days trial before you make a purchase.

Hosting websites offering Free SSL Certificate

The best hosting companies offer free SSL certificates with their plans.

Turn on your free SSL certificate if you are using the above hosting plans.

Free SSL certificate for WordPress Website

If you are not using any of the above free SSL hosting websites then use the following best SSL WordPress plugins to enable your website to move from HTTP to HTTPS.

  2. WP Encryption
  3. SSL Zen

These plugins help you to secure your website, show your visitors your domain is trustworthy. These plugins mostly work for those websites which are using Linux servers but not Windows.


WPTrains suggests you be safe and sound. You have done a lot of struggles in managing and creating content, so why are you not making your work secure. Before putting data to your website, it is highly recommended to you to please secure your website and gain trust from visitors, and secure user data. Use WordPress SSL plugin if you have different server with no free SSL option.

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