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Install WordPress on XAMPP – Best Localhost Installation

How to Install WordPress on XAMPP

Are you curious to create projects on WordPress? It is a reliable way to first create your client’s projects on localhost servers and later to put online on internet. For this, install WordPress on XAMPP.

WordPress can be installed offline to practice its tools thoroughly for beginners and experts. Follow the steps carefully to install WordPress on XAMPP localhost.

Install WordPress on XAMPP

What is XAMPP

XAMPP is an open-source web server used as a localhost infamous operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, developed by Apache Friends. There are other localhost server solutions like MAMP and WAMP. These are also open-source software and can be used in all operating systems.

Why Use XAMPP and Why Not

  • Easy to Install and configure
  • Free to use on all operating systems like Windows, Macintosh and Linux
  • Open source software
  • User doesn’t require any additional configuration of MYSQL, PHP, Apache and MariaDB
  • Time saver and lightweight with lots of functionality for security
  • Lack of security
  • No database administration password
  • Skype and XAMPP uses the same port (you need to uninstall one to use other)

Install and Open XAMPP Control Panel

Choose the relevant option according to your operating system and download the latest version. After downloading, install it like any other software.

Once it is installed, a control panel will open. Click on Start Apache and MySQL only. Now click on Admin.

Create database and user account

Localhost will open as you click on Admin from the XAMPP control panel. Now click on PHPMyAdmin. On the left side, there are many built-in databases. Click on New to create a new database (write name and click on create)

Follow these steps to create user account in XAMPP

  • Click on Privileges to open user accounts
  • Click on Add User Account
  • Complete the given fields
    • User name
    • Host name
    • Password
    • Re-type
  • Click on Global Privileges to check all
  • Click on GO

Install WordPress

Follow these steps to install WordPress on XAMPP

  • Unzip the WordPress latest version file (name it as ‘wp’ or any other name you like)
  • Copy the folder and paste it to C:\xampp\htdocs
  • Go to browser and write URL localhost/wp (or the name you give to your WordPress folder)
  • Click Continue and Let’s go
  • Complete the fields
    • Database name
    • Username
    • Password
    • Don’t change Database host and Table Prefix (if you are a beginner)
    • Click on Submit
  • Click on Run installation
  • Complete the fields
    • Site Title
    • Username
    • Password
    • Your email
    • Click on Install WordPress

XAMPP Alternatives

There are different alternatives for different operating systems.

For WindowsFor LinuxFor Macintosh
WAMP, AMPPS and EasyPHP are the best alternatives for XAMPP in all Windows operating systemsLAMP, AMPPS and Abyss Web Server are the best possible solution for Linux operating systemMAMP, EasyPHP, AMPPS are working reliable and easy for Macintosh operating systems.


It is recommended to use the above options as given. WAMP and MAMP are similar to XAMPP, so use them after complete grip on this localhost server. Use strong passwords if developing any WordPress theme and plugin.

Watch Video for easy understanding

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