Commenting is an easy way to drive traffic to your website. It helps you to know which content is more liked by visitors. Enable comments for old visitor’s may be a great help for new visitors while buying goods, reading articles, getting backlinks and this trend is increasing day by day to read others’ comments.

Comments reading is a type of feedback that increase or decrease sale. There are witty comments and negative comments too, but often negative comments are removed from the posts to not get a bad impression from new visitors when they read them. For this, admins set the comments to moderator mode to approve or disapprove comments.

What is the meaning of Comment?

Comment meaning is to express the feelings after reading, watching something. It may be a good, bad, or backhanded comment.

How to Enable Comments on WordPress

comment settings

WordPress has a customized comments section in settings. Go to WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Select Discussion

  • Default Post Settings

comment default settings

In default settings you can be notified if:

  1. You linked a website in your post, then WordPress will send a ping to that site in the comments area if a site allows pingbacks. (Check, if wants to send pings to other websites.)
  2. Other sites want to reference your post or article, then pings from other sites will be notified to you in the comment area.
  3. You want to disable comments on WordPress posts then uncheck it otherwise to enable comments then remain it to check.
  • Other Comment Settings

other comment settings
  1. Comment author must fill out name and email — Check if force the spammers to enter their name and email but remember, these emails may not be verified by WordPress. Use Akismet or Spam plugins to remove WP comments spam.
  2. User must be registered and logged in to comment — Check the box to enable the user to register before commenting on your website.
  3. Automatically close comments on posts older than [_] days — If check the box, then it will remove the comments from the posts after selected days. By default, it is 14.
  4. Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox, allowing comment author cookies to be set — The box is checked by default to enable the users to not write their name, email, and websites in the same browser again and again, as these fields have been saved for later use.
  5. Enable threaded (nested) comments [_] levels deep — If checked, then the comments will be displayed in nested form. Its top-level is 10. If you wanted more, then perfectly code your theme.
  6. Break comments into pages with [_] top-level comments per page and the [last/first] page displayed by default. Comments should be displayed with the [older/newer] comments at the top of each page — Check this to enable comments to be in page format, and you can select how many comments should be on each page.
  • Email me whenever

email me whenever
  1. Anyone posts a comment — This enables all types of users to comment on your website, but the above settings will work as they have been set.
  2. A comment is held for moderation — This helps the website to be safe from spam comments because it’s up to the website administrator to approve or not a comment when the comment is in moderation. This is helpful if a site has many authors and has access to allow or decline comments.
  • Before a comment appears

before a comment appears
  1. Comment must be manually approved — To moderate comments on WordPress go to Dashboard >> Comments and approve, reply, quick edit, edit, spam, or trash the comments.
  2. Comment author must have a previously approved comment — Check it to insure comment author comments on any post without moderation if the email address matches the database.
  • Comment Moderation

comment moderation

Hold a comment in the queue if it contains [_] or more links

Usually, more links in comments mean spam and you can hold a comment for moderation if it contains 2 or more hyperlinks. You can set the value according to your choice. You can add names that may contain such words that are injurious to the site. If comments have such words, then the comment goes to pending in the comment section.

  • Disallowed Comment Keys

disallowed comment keys

You can add words that you do not allow the visitors to use in the comments. Such comments will move to trash if any word matches your given words.

  • Avatars

comment avatars

The images shown to you in the comment besides your name are the avatars. You can use a plugin to allow users to add their images as avatars. By default, mystery person is set to check.


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