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How to Disable WordPress Comments

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Disable WordPress Comments

Comments are often disabled due to spam, irrelevant comments, more and more links, and when not necessary for websites like a news site.

There are several options to disable WordPress comments.

Disable WordPress Comments

In a single post

WordPress allows you to disable and enable comments for posts. It’s up to you, do you like to allow users to comment on your site or not. Uncheck to disable the comments.

In a single page

Pages usually have no access to comments, but if you have created a page to know the user’s preferences, then it is good to allow comments. It is very similar to a post, just uncheck or remain it to uncheck to turn off comments.

Quick edit

From the dashboard, go to the posts option and select all posts. Move to the post you want no comments, click on quick edit and uncheck the Allow Comments box, click update. The same method is used for pages.

From Settings

Go to dashboard > Settings > Discussions to disable commenting. Uncheck ‘Allow people to submit comments on new posts’ and ‘Anyone posts a comment’.

Use comment disable plugin

Many plugins stop spam, remove comments and disable them for the future.

This plugin allows you to disable and delete comments permanently. You are just a click away after installing this plugin. It is simple to use, having no extra features included.

There are two options, Disable Comments and Delete Comments

This is one of the best plugin to disable the comments and to remove spam to work tension free on your sites. Let’s have a look at the options.

Use this setting to disable comments from all pages and posts.

Turn off comments to specific location according to requirements.

Avatar is an image that users use beside their names to show themselves and their interests. You can disable them for fast page speed.

XML-RPC is the application to request HTTP to create, read, update and delete data. REST can use HTTP for that data. You can disable your comments using WordPress specific settings.

To delete comments from all of your site, you can check it. All previous comments will be deleted.

This setting helps you to decide your preference to delete posts. Select carefully one which irritates you.

Comment has two types on WordPress, one is the comment that may be spam too and second is the pingback that receives from other sites.

This plugin helps you to delete spam elsewhere in your site. The setting works like Akismet and safe your site from spammers.


It is very important to save your site from all type of spammers. Never notice to the lavish comments that may say to help you to boost your site and giving you much more traffic. They may be spammers and can damage your site. Be aware of the content creation work. Google only rank you to the top when your content seems to be original and worthy for users. Be relevant and plagiarism free and go to the top but don’t use shortcuts.

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