WordPress is used by 60% of websites and the online world is using this CMS about 30% for creating online stores. To have a shop in an area is not a powerful way to sell items more in less time, but to have a shop online is a dominant way to sell items worldwide. WPTrains will guide you step-by-step procedure to create an ecommerce website with WordPress.

How to Create an Ecommerce Website with WordPress

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Table of Contents

1. Buy a Suitable Domain Name

A domain name is a basic requirement to start your online store. It should be relevant to your work. If you want a grocery store, then must buy a domain name that is suited to your grocery items. If you want to start an online watch store, then your name must be related to watches.

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2. Buy a Secure but Cheap Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that hosts websites for online clients. There are many secure and cheap web hosting service providers which offer the facilities to create and maintain a website. Secure web hosting uses Secure Socket Shell (SSH) network protocol for login access. Cheap Web hosting offers less renewal price because web hosting sites provide fewer startup prices, but later their renewals are too much.

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Must check the renewal price before buying a web hosting service from any host.

3. Install WordPress

WordPress is the most used CMS by 60% of websites. It offers multiple options to create a website with thousands of themes free and premium. You can install WordPress online as well as locally, means offline.

  • WordPress Offline Installation

WordPress Offline installation can be done using localhost server solutions like XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP, LAMP, etc. All these options help you out to use WordPress offline.

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  • WordPress Online Installation

There are two methods to install WordPress online.

  • Automatic WordPress Installation
  • Manual WordPress Installation

Automatic WordPress Installation


To install WordPress, go to your hosting cPanel and log in. Go to Softaculous and click on Blogs and select WordPress. Complete the form carefully and install WordPress.

Manual WordPress Installation

Install WordPress manually using WordPress guide

4. Install WooCommerce

Woocommerce is the best plugin to use all ecommerce options easily and with full commands. Its up-gradation and drop-shipping options are awesome. You need nothing but a few more add-ons related to Woocommerce to get a full grip on your store.

Let’s understand how it works.

  1. Go to New Plugin and search for woocommerce
  2. Click Install and later activate
  3. After activation, store details (write where your store exists physically)
  4. Industry (select the type of industry you are using for store)
  5. Product types (select the type of product that you want to place in your store)
  6. Business Details (select number of products and select No, if you are not selling products anywhere or Yes if you are selling products anywhere)
  7. Included business features (add recommended business features (plugins) to your site)
  8. Theme (Choose a theme from Paid or Free)

5. Configure WooCommerce

After adding store details thoroughly, it is time to set up a store. There are a few options to be completed thoroughly and carefully.

  • Add My Products

Products are those substances or items that you want to sell. To add products, require the following details to your store.

  1. Add categories related to your products (Must include categories with subcategories for customers’ ease)
  2. Add detailed product (include best and high pixel pictures with relevant and detailed information)
  • Set up payments

Many payment methods are available to get payment from users like cards, PayPal, offline payments, and cash on delivery. Choose one and more and set up it.

  • Setup Tax

Setup tax according to your country and include the reason for taxing customers.

  • Setup Shipping

Setup shipping charges according to your city or country that applied on products according to weight.

  • Setup Marketing Tools

Use any of the following marketing tools that help you to set up your mailing like

  • MailPoet
  • MailChimp
  • Creative Mail
  • Google listing and Ads

These recommended extensions help to increase your sales with marketing strategies.

  • Personalize my Store

Within personalize my store, import demo products, create a custom homepage, upload a logo, and set a store notice.

Use Elementor Plugin to create homepage.

6. Conclusion

WordPress is working since 2003 with regular improvements. Woocommerce has 5 + million active installations, which proves it to be the best option for ecommerce stores. This is easy to use and speedy to work that requires efficient techniques to set it up.


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