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Facebook You Are Not Eligible to Create a Username: Fix Page Error

You are not eligible to create a username

This error, mostly faced by beginners, that You are not eligible to create a username. Facebook is a powerful tool to be socially active and to increase your presence worldwide. This helps you to increase web traffic and appearance to page # 1 in search engines. Beginners often stuck to a common problem that how to create Facebook username. Don’t be worry, it’s quite easy to fix Facebook page errors.

You are not eligible to create a username

Ten steps to fix ‘How to create username in Facebook page’

  1. Go to Your Facebook Account Settings
  2. Click on mobile from the left sidebar
  3. Write your phone number and click continue
  4. Write confirmation code on the text area
  5. Click confirm
  6. Go to your Facebook page
  7. Click on @username
  8. Write a unique and suitable username
  9. Click on Create Username
  10. Use this username to your every profile on WhatsApp, YouTube, visiting cards, etc. like

You can use step 7 to onward to change your fb account name change.

Watch Video to Fix ‘Why am I not eligible to create a username on Facebook’

How to Pick A Username

Username is a big deal that attracts users and compels them to recognize you with a specific name. Therefore, use such names that are suitable for your business.

Carefully read these important Facebook page username examples to create Facebook business username.

Create an Ecommerce Website

10 Best Ecommerce Themes

Please use easy to remember and related to work usernames


  • Alishamart

You can use your name, caste, tribe, etc. with mart.

  • Leatherbags

Leather is a mostly used keyword for bags, so, both words ‘leather’ and ‘bags’ are the best keywords. You can use textiles, foam, plastic with which you have made your bags.

  • Perfectshoes

Words like elegant, perfect, stylish are widely used keywords and are easy to remember.

  • Furniturepoint

The point represents a fact, idea, item, or a purpose, so, you can use it with your shop item

  • Partsoutlet

Use words like outlet, store, shop, or showroom for your particular spare parts shop

  • Carsbid

The bid is the most common word for auction purposes and the best keyword too. You can sell your items like cars, furniture, anything using this word.

Best Charity Themes

Best Job Themes

  • Mechlab

Such type of name can be used for different types of machine services and is easy to memorize. ‘Mech’ for machine or method and ‘lab’ may be a computer lab, medical lab, etc. You can take names like techlab, coatlab, etc., use lab with any service.

  • Softhost

Word host is most commonly used for hosting sites like bluehost, hostinger, hostgator, etc. and soft for software companies like softskills, softsolution, etc.

  • Serviceonline

‘Online’ and ‘Service’ are terms frequently used for any online service like MS Word Online is a service to use Microsoft Word tool online.

  • Hope

It is no doubt the best service keyword with diversity to be used as prefix and suffix. For example, hope charity, store hope, hope satchel, etc.

  • Master

Master is a widely used keyword for experts. You can use it in different ways like stitch master, SEO master, webmaster, master degree, etc.

  • Advisor

Home advisor, loan advisor, garden advisor, family advisor, friend advisor, etc., there’s a great variety in this word that can be used to any service.

Best Blog Themes

Why WordPress is best blogging option

  • Personal

This term is usually used for blog sites. For example, personal blog, its personal, my personal, etc.

  • Name

You can use your named blog that is a super personal blog related to your fun, achievements, hobbies, interests, or any such things you love to share with people worldwide.

  • News

This is a universally operated keyword for news sites. Now you can treat it as a domain extension too. For example,,, etc. So, you can make use of keywords that describe their work, such as tutor, shop, writing, ads, etc.

  • Blog

You can use keyword blog after your name, your tribe, your nickname, or your caste.

  • Username as your hobby

This is a cultured way to name your blog. If you like gardening then you may use some names with nursery, Horti, sow, or even garden.

You can create instagram username, twitter username, snapchat username, pinterest username, linkedin username, or any social media account username by following above methods.


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