Email marketing is needed more as people grow on the internet. Everyone has an email account either on GMAIL, OUTLOOK, or any other webmail. This is the best digital marketing tool to connect to a million, not billions of users on the internet. Before understanding how things work, let’s know:

Email Marketing Strategy - Learn & Earn Series

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy where you send your products, services to customers using their email accounts to promote your products or services.

In email marketing, you do the following things:

  1. Building email list (collect emails of the targeted users who are interested in particular service or products)
  2. Send emails to promote your products or services and to get more traffic to your website

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing is, somehow, the best medium to be used for promotion and to create a link to internet users.

  • It is the cheapest way to promote your services or products
  • It is really easy and simple to use

Why email marketing is so important?

More than 85% of online users, check and use their emails on daily basis. Some have subscribed to different useful services and they wait to get their emails to know the use of valuable products and services. This is an awesome technique of promotion, sometimes, in graphics format like pics, audio, or videos and sometimes, in textual format.

What is an email marketing system?

An email marketing system is a phenomenon to send emails via SMTP and to use an email management application that lets the SMTP know what to send and to whom to send. So, there are two main parts in an email marketing system, one is SMTP and other is email marketing application.

What is SMTP?

SMTP is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol that is used to authenticate the coming emails from the sender email client and then SMTP sends this email to the receiver client.

How SMTP works?

smtp working

SMTP is a network protocol or a set of software that sends emails over the internet. It is a rely centre between sender email server and receiver email server. For example, an OUTLOOK client sends to GMAIL email client, this will be done in this way that OUTLOOK message go to SMTP for authentication and configuration check. If done, then SMTP sends it to target means to GMAIL.

What is email application?

An email application or simply a mail app is an email marketing service program that is used to manage email lists, run email campaigns, also used to check open rate, bounce rate, and subscribers.

How email application works?

email app work

Email application is a software that manage your email message into a useful template. That templated message then send to SMTP server for authentication. There are many email applications for WordPress like MailPoet, HubSpot, etc. and other than WordPress are Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

What is lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a Free material that you put to your site for users in order to collect users’ contact details. It may be a limited subscription, epaper, and any important product or service.

How to create a lead magnet?

lead magnet work

Lead magnet is a marketing strategy which helps you to get emails or any contact details from the visitors. You must have an attractive product or service that the visitor wants to buy or download free. The lead magnets can be created using these steps: 

  1. Create a landing template that describes your service beautifully.
  2. Lead Magnet offer with whom you’ll entertain to your visitors.
  3.  Create your lead magnet for your visitors.

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