WordPress Health Themes are the easiest way to provide patients all access to know hospital detail. Patients can select when to visit, which doctor is better for disease cure. Patients can also see the fees of doctor with his/her specializations. These themes can be used for Medical equipments, supplements and medicines. WordPress Woocommerce plugin is awesome to be used for the cart purpose. Website user can easily pay online to fee to book timing to visit doctor.

Best WordPress health Themes 2022

Let’s have a look at best Health WordPress themes.


Medinet WordPress theme is developed for Hospitals, Dentists, Gynecologists, Physiatrists, Psychologists and Laboratories. Corporates can also use Medinet. The theme is highly customizable to give responsive and stead fast outlook. It works flawlessly in all devices and have been tested to all browsers on different devices. It is SEO optimized theme to get page speed in top and traffic from search engines.


Mecare Hospital and Health WordPress theme is a modern trading design to boost your business. The pages scheme is set according to business achievements and in-depth research on hospitals and medical companies. Insurance policies can also be set for clients on the website to provide with regular and off and on facilities to users.

This theme is perfectly working on all devices and all big browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Best page builder, Elementor is used to create its look awesome and mobile-friendly.


Supmax Health & Supplement WordPress theme specifically for Gym, Fitness, Supplements, Sports & Nutrition, Supplement Landing, Medicine Affiliate, Body Enhancement Product, Weight Loss & Diet Product etc. You can sell any of your supplement and health products like equipments using woocommerce plugin. The font of the theme is set to pass information easily and the theme has visible power. Supmax theme is checked on all devices and is working flawlessly. 


Meda WordPress theme is a perfect way to deliver both doctor and equipment in the same run. Its perfect look and responsive design gives perfectness to business. You can add doctors according to departments and equipments used in surgery along with medicines in the same platform. This theme is checked to all devices and browsers for its friendly behavior and is working great. 


Cura WordPress theme is suitable for nutritionists, counselors, skin specialists, and for all type of clinics. This theme is designed to be responsive using Elementor. Import demo and set material according to your demands. You can schedule appointments and send clients their timings via email. This theme is SEO and user friendly.


Denta WordPress Theme is designed to showcase dental services and clinic specialists. This theme is a perfect way to provide dental equipments to patients and businesses. This is a professionally supported theme to give everyday peak experience and its responsive look is fit to all devices and all browsers. It is needed no more coding to convert it to app.

The Hospital

The Hospital WordPress theme is a one-page creative, perfect for digital agencies, marketing firms, and other creative businesses. This multipurpose theme is cross-browser compatible, fully responsive, and retina ready. It is easily customizable and easy to maintain, making it a pleasure to work with. The theme works perfectly on all devices, with smooth animations and optimum speed.

Health Center

HealthCenter WordPress theme is for any medical and health related websites, with a careful build design to reflect the true extent of the medical practices. It is a highly customizable theme which includes 9 different page templates like: medical services page (with an AZ component), doctors page, appointment page, case studies page, gallery page, blog and contact page.

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic WordPress theme is for doctor offices, hospitals, clinics and other health institutions like private clinics, dental, gynecology, child care or general therapist clinics, nurseries, family doctors and emergency rooms or ambulance. This is the best solution for family doctors.

Medical Clinic theme features powerful functionality within a custom WordPress admin panel, empowered by CMS-masters Visual Content Composer – a unique tool, loved by thousands of our customers.


MediDove WordPress theme is made for Hospitals, Dentists, Gynecologists, Physiatrists, Psychologists and Laboratories. It is a fit choice for corporates too. It is created and tested in all devices and browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and it works perfectly without any issue.

This is highly customizable – looks awesome on tablets and mobile devices. We have included best practice of web development – you can create great website layout based on Bootstrap or Grid 1170px.


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